When it comes to quality construction, our approach sets us apart

What makes a quality home builder? Is it in the price? A promise fuelled by attractive concepts or assurances of great outcomes?

We believe quality is a mindset and that the best outcomes are the result of a quality approach. At BIC Construction, our approach is underpinned by 8 Guiding Principles that ensure we’re focused on quality outcomes from the word go.

Can it be done better?

In building, quality is about attitude and initiative as much as anything. Rather than our tradespeople doing the minimum and seeking acceptance, we turn that on its head and ask, Can it be done better? It’s a constant reminder about the standards we and our clients demand.

The BCA is a minimum

The Building Code of Australia sets out the minimum standards for built forms in this country. Some builders see this as a standard to attain or a reason to do just “enough”. We see the BCA a minimum, above which is the standard our clients expect. If it’s only just near enough to the BCA, chances are it’s not good enough for us.

Have we looked after our customer the way we would look after ourselves?

When we’re on a job we are in someone else’s home and if we’re renovating a house, chances are our customers will still be living there. So we ensure the way we conduct ourselves onsite reflects the way we’d like others to behave in our own homes. Our clients expect nothing less.

We generate healthy profits on our projects

We need to make a profit on our projects to continue to build high quality homes – it’s as simple as that. We’re not afraid to talk about this because at the end of the day, the only way we can continue to set a high standard is to operate as a profitable business. It helps us help our clients get the best possible outcomes every time.

Have we thought outside the square?

We pride ourselves on taking on the difficult jobs that other builders avoid. Sometimes this means thinking outside of the square – going beyond the minimum expectation and encouraging staff to think past the basics taught at college – and using innovative materials or methods to create truly unique outcomes.

Nothing is totally impossible

When everyone else tells you it can’t be done, we’ll take a look and find you a solution. We don’t see anything as being impossible; we simply see opportunities to innovate. Architects and home owners come to us because we get high quality outcomes no matter the complexity.

Does everyone know what they need to know?

Great outcomes begin with effective leadership. A clear flow of communication between client, builder and architect is the key to great results and as the onsite leader, that communication must start with the builder. We make sure everyone remains informed at all times.

We take complete control of all expectations

We see communication and transparency as key success factors on every project. Our clients expect only the best and we have a track record of success. But sometimes even the best laid plans go astray. If that happens, we know that clear communication and honesty will ensure we get the best outcome.