7 Tips to Creating a Dream Garden.

2 October, 2019 | Mikala Chapman

7 Tips to Creating a Dream Garden.

7 tips for a Dream Garden

There’s not many of us who don’t have some sort of idea about what the ‘dream home’ looks and feels like.  It might have high ceilings, a home theatre, high-tech automation, three storeys, or a hot tub — or all of the above and more!

But an often-overlooked design feature of the ideal home is the landscaping.  From the front gate, you’re looking at the sensational gabled roof amid the context of a brilliantly planned and executed front yard.  And at the rear, building up that perfect space for happy, relaxed outdoor living is only possible because someone knew exactly how to put together the pieces of the perfect garden jigsaw puzzle.

Luckily, good garden planning is not just necessary for creating the home lifestyle you seek, it can also be enjoyable.  We believe the garden is the icing on the cake as you plan the architectural features of your dream home, so here are some of our wisest tips for those looking to get their hands dirty:

1. Give it space

It’s tempting to max out the possibilities of your space, especially when it’s limited.  But don’t forget that a relaxing garden is one with wide, comfortable paths that allow you to hold hands as you take in your private paradise.  For your outdoor living and entertainment spaces, factor in plenty of elbow and breathing room around the furniture and features, and when planning pergolas and archways, don’t let the tall visitor leave with a bump on their head.

2. Gentle steps

Whether it’s to ease the slope or because levels are just amazing, make sure the construction of any garden steps and stairs is done so with a gentle incline in mind.  Don’t forget, it’s your place to relax, not a permanent outdoor gym.

3. Practical surfaces

Polished granite may sound like a fabulous idea for a path but slipping or tripping is not something normally associated with the perfectly planned garden.  If gravel seems unsexy for a walkway, but it will mean a sound footing through your beautiful paradise, give it more than a second thought.

4. Gardens do grow

Close your eyes and think of the perfect garden.  There’s a lot of full, beautiful foliage, right?  Fast-growing plants can be a great fast track to a lush garden, and don’t forget that you can plant slower-growing plants at the same time that can then replace the short-term ‘fillers’ in the future.  And when planting near patios and walkways, always leave a generous gap to the edges so they don’t encroach on your personal space.

5. Don’t forget the lawn

Not everyone loves that weekly Sunday lawn mowing chore, but rarely is manicuring a grassy place to play, lounge and chill out a waste of time.  We’d even go so far as to say you can’t have a great garden without a great lawn area, even if it’s small and you prioritise low maintenance.

6. Plants are colour and texture

When you think about what plants will look best for your garden, your first thought is probably a plethora of sensational, colourful, blooming flowers.  But rich foliage, falling autumn leaves, delicious summer fruits and the contrasting textures of glorious bark will make your garden a true natural wonder that will endlessly delight through all the seasons.

7. Plants are useful

And while plants are most definitely beautiful, they are also incredible useful.  Aussie shrubs like callistemon or melaleuca are perfect windbreaks.  Lilly Pillys are commonly chosen to give Australian gardens an extra bit of natural privacy.  And you’ve never enjoyed the heat of a summer’s day quite as much as under the ample shade of a stunning Trumpet Tree.

The final word: Always a work in progress

While these tips will put you on a tree-lined path to a perfect garden, those with the greenest thumbs will always tell you that the best gardens are the ones that are always evolving.  But if you start that process from well planned-out beginnings, you too can have a private Garden of Eden to go with your next dream home.

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