Interior Design Trends for 2021

10 February, 2021 | Mikala Chapman

Interior Design Trends for 2021

If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that our collective experience of lockdown has fundamentally changed the way we live. From a design perspective, what we place importance on, from the products we choose, to the design of our living spaces and how we interact in those spaces has now more than ever become priority. 

Let’s take a look at a what you can expect to see flooding your Instagram feed in the coming year.

With more of us spending time at home, and our lives moving at such a busy pace we are wanting our homes to be a sanctuary. There is a leaning towards paired back and simplistic interiors that promote a down to earth and calm surrounding. You will see elements such as neutral and earth tones, natural materials, simple shapes and de-cluttered spaces.

You will not see to many bold bright colours, instead colour pallets that embrace a natural aesthetic including earth tones such as browns, soft terracotta’s and muted stone hues. These tones and colours work beautifully with bright light filled homes and a predominately white or natural interior wall.

Greys used to rule the design world, but browns and beiges are now gaining popularity. In line with this trend Dulux named ‘Brave Ground’ an earthy beige as its colour of the year for 2021. But never fear, despite the resurgence of brown tones, the 60’ & 70’s trend of mission brown is staying where it belongs, in the past. 

 Expect to see a rise in rustic minimalism, think simple lines, and not over-designed. Once again, this seems to be a reflection of our experience with Covid 19 lockdowns. Aesthetically this means a return to a more basic simplistic style, except unlike in the past when mass manufacturing was favoured, we are moving towards ethically produced pieces that are robust, imperfect and enduring.

The demand for products that are unique and authentic and have been created with artistry in mind is certainly on the rise. People are gravitating towards rugs, pillows, and pieces that embrace flaws and encompass natural textures. 

With this in mind, a love of vintage is coming back. One-of-a-kind pieces will add a layered look to a home and make it feel lived in, and not overly designed.

This past year has made us re-think our homes as we never have before, how we use and move about our homes has changed. The need to have multi-functional spaces within our home is on the rise, leaving the open plan concept behind. Our desire to have spaces that are connected but can be closed off with sliding and pocket doors to provide flexibility and privacy is what we are looking for. The era of knocking down walls is changing; our floor-plans will accommodate the greater need for individual spaces.

Finally, one of the biggest trends you will see is ‘attention to detail’, which reflects the movement towards sustainable quality pieces and a ‘less is more’ approach. Think of a more personal and individualised approach to design, with fewer materials, less clutter and quality pieces you will love for many years to come.

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