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While a home addition is to ‘go up’, a home extension will extend an existing property, creating a larger footprint while remaining at ground level. An example would be adding an extra room/s or expanding on an existing space, keeping in mind this will reduce your landscape area.

Depending on your lifestyle, creating a larger level home with little or no stairs over a two-level house may be a significant benefit, one which out ways having a large yard.

We highly recommend obtaining professionally designed plans. By doing so you ensure that you create a space that is functional and utilised in the best possible way. Thorough documentation allows all parties (client, architect and builder) to have clear and transparent information about what is being built. This results in more precise tender costs, less chance of budget blow outs and a better build process.

The average cost of an architecturally designed home extension is usually between $3000-$5000 per square meter depending on the construction type and level of finishes. Your design should ideally be guided by your budget, choosing high end construction products such as copper cladding over a standard timber cladding will certainly increase your costs.

If you are living in the home a potential cost saving when doing an extension is the ability to live in the property during the construction phase. If the type of extension being carried out allows this, you could save a substantial amount of money by not having to move out and rent.

Construction time frames vary depending on the size of the extension, details of the build and even the weather. A rough guide of an average 75sqr meter home extension would take approximately 3 months.

By creating a larger home, you will most certainly add value to what is often your largest investment. An extension that is truly effective to the overall layout and functionality of a home will raise the market worth, the overall square footage will be higher, and the home is more functional.

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