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There are many terms in the construction industry that are often misused or not completely understood. Home renovation, home extension and home additions are three of the most common.

Home renovation is to update, repair or restore, while an extension or addition are generally much larger construction projects.
It is not unusual for the three terms or processes to be applied to one project, with a mixture of a renovation, an extension and addition to be carried out at the same time.

Perhaps your home was built in the 1960s and it still reflects that era, but you want to modernise it. You may want to upgrade the windows, remove wood panelling from the walls or turn an old tired kitchen into a modern gem.
All of these changes would be considered a renovation, updating your original home into a new modern design style.

A home renovation also refers to restoration or restoring. Perhaps instead of modernising your inner city terrace you may prefer to return it back it to its original glory. In this case it could be a mixture of repairing and restoring parts of the home that can be saved along with replacing fixtures and fittings with new replica features.
Restoring a home to its original condition is to ensure that the original historic style and features of the home remain.

To repair a run-down home is also classed as renovating. When repairing a home, it does not mean drastic design or layout changes. A home renovation that is focused on repairs often means that you are working with the existing features in the home. An example might be to replace or patch floorboards with the same type of board that is currently in the home.
Despite not making any dramatic aesthetic changes, repairing a home using existing elements is still considered to be a home renovation.

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