What’s on Trend in Interior Design for 2019

1 May, 2019 | Mikala Chapman

What’s on Trend in Interior Design for 2019

What’s On Trend in Interior Design for 2019?

If you love interior design, welcoming in a new year is always fun. Designers, decorators, builders, and architects are all influenced by what interior designers have to say about what homeowners need to update when it comes to their dwellings. Not everything changes every year, but when an exciting, innovative idea comes along, it’s incredibly satisfying to make a few changes that will give your house a lift. According to those in the know, this year is going to bring with it a variety of new interior ideas and innovative design changes. 


Design enthusiasts across the board wait with bated breath to discover what the pros are saying about color about this time every year. Ideas vary somewhat, but the expert opinions are all worth some solitary rumination.


This color continues to be the hue most homeowners turn to for kitchen cabinets. But there are many shades of white, sometimes as many as 150 variants of white in a single paint company’s line. Choosing the best shade could become somewhat wearing. In the last few years, many homeowners have moved away from stark, or bright white and are, instead, choosing whites that have a warmer, cozier vibe. The best word to describe this color is “creamy.”

Deeper, Moodier Colors

For an unexpected pop, some are painting kitchen cabinets in a muted, neutral color, like white and gray, but glamming up their kitchen islands by painting them an emerald color or deep teal. The brilliant whites that have been so popular for several years are yesterday, and the deeper, darker, moodier colors, such as navy, black, and forest green are today. Some designers are styling dramatic rooms by painting the walls, ceiling, and trim in these stirring colors. 

Designer, Jennifer Ott, an architectural color specialist and design writer makes this observation:


Colors swing in and out of popularity, so it’s darker, moodier colors’ turn in the spotlight.

Black and White Kitchens

White is always an attractive choice when it comes to cabinets and walls in kitchens. But, this year black is making a return to the kitchen. The two colors will take the form of black and white walls, white marble countertops, and white backslashes. Cabinets, islands, doors, and some range hoods are available in black. Some experts in the field are calling kitchens that are black and white “tuxedo kitchens.”

No Accent Walls

The accent wall is no longer with us. If a homeowner chooses a particular color because of its beauty, excellent accenting capabilities, or emotional relationship to those who will be in the room, then why not paint every wall this color? Usuallyrelegated to smaller rooms like powder rooms, bedrooms, and studies, this paint idea seems to affect individuals’ ability to relax and get comfortable. Once again, navy and dark greens are two of the favorite choices for wall colors.


The backsplash is going to get more extensive, more diverse, and better. Designers this year are increasing the size of the backsplash from only the areas behind the sink to tiling’s that reach from the counter, all the way to the ceiling. Using a bold, Moroccan-design tile on the entire wall behind the kitchen sink makes the wall a focal point.

Subway tile behind the kitchen sink has been a thing for a while now. But, 2019 brings a new idea to the forefront. Larger tiles in chevron, stacked, and herringbone patterns are all the rage because of their crisp look and their attractiveness. Larger ceramics minimize grout lines and give a freshness and eye appeal to an area that has sometimes been only a second thought.

Another type of style on the market (and getting whisked off the shelves) is a softer, curvier, more organic-looking tile choice.

Quartz Countertops

It was a favorite last year and is predicted to be just as prevalent in 2019. Quartz countertops are winning many people over.

•   It is incredibly durable 

•   It mimics the look of more expensive options, such as slate and marble 

•   Quartz is a low-maintenance choice 

•   It cleans up with soap and water 

•   This countertop material requires no sealing 

•   It’s stronger than natural stone 

•   Quartz is non-porous, so it won’t stain if coffee or citrus juice spills 

•   It isn’t easy to break 

•   The color is consistent and not “busy,” making it an excellent backdrop for kitchens of all styles 

Bringing the Outdoors in

As families and individuals long to take advantage of being in nature and enjoying the outside, innovative glass doors are making a splash. Architects, builders, and designers are opening the kitchen by constructing glass walls that allow homeowners to blur the line that separates the inside and outside. They are doing so by using large sliding, folding, and collapsible doors.

Collapsible Doors

These glass doors resemble accordions or a fancy Japanese handheld fan. They can be pushed to the side to allow for a wide opening for walking from the kitchen to the patio or deck.

Folding Doors

Bi-Fold interior doors are like the doors that used to act as closet doors. Four, or more, panels are installed between a wall cut-out and fold onto each other.

Sliding Doors

Four glass, metal-rimmed doors are used. The center two doors slide open and shut.

Trends that Some are Happy to See Go

Architectural Digest asked a few of their favorite interior designers to tell them what they would like to see left behind in 2018. Here are two responses.

Keep a Lovely Dining Room Alive

Janie Molster hopes the traditional dining room stays as it is. She acknowledges the hurried mindset and the “can’t stop ’til I get this done” attitude pervasive in our society. 

But she says dining rooms need to stay. She wants to see people gather in one spot where the table is set beautifully, and candles are glowing. She encourages people to have authentic conversations for the health of their souls and whole foods to keep their bodies in tip-top shape. No more fast-food, just a beautiful dining room that is an excellent place to get to know one another again.

No All-White Interiors

New York designer Keita Turner wants less white and more color. Keita gets that all white is calming and clean-looking, but she still wants some color in everyone’s lives. Turner wants no more boring palettes and an influx of exciting and varied colors.


In order to achieve Enduring Fashionably Classic Design, I successfully interweave the architecture, couture dressmaker details like elegant trims, piping, tufted buttons, folds, pleats, ruffles, pattern, stripes, texture, contrast color, luxurious textiles, tailored draperies and upholstery, along with 18th, 19th, and 20th Century classic inspired furnishings, reinterpreted in a contemporary suitable way for today’s lifestyles.

Make the changes in your home that make your family and your guests happy, comfortable, and a calmer. That’s what makes all the difference.

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