Interior Design Like a Pro

26 October, 2021 | Mikala Chapman

Interior Design Like a Pro

Here are a few ways to unravel the magic of interior design in your own space.

1. Think Like a Tree

When you first design a room, think of it as a tree. Everything starts from the trunk and expands outward into the branches. Design is the same: choose one concept and build from the inside out. What you end up with is a final coordinated project from humble beginnings.

Think of it this way: room design may start with a single object or centerpiece. Find you core inspiration and build from there. For example, it may be a piece of coastal artwork, therefore you may decide to go with a beach theme for the rest of the room. Whether the common thread is a color palette, design theme or preferred material, your goal is to keep everything cohesive.

2. Know Your Numbers

People think design is all about mood, but there’s a little more to it particularly in a practical sense. No matter the project, design needs to accommodate budget and dimension. The numbers in question pertain to price and space, so be aware of both on an ongoing basis.

Not sure how to budget? You’ll get there. Know that some of your planning requires price research. You should also have an idea of what you absolutely need to include and how much of your budget to devote to specific necessities. What aspects of your design are non-negotiable? Mapping out your resources is the best way to cover all your bases. 

3. The Three Bears

Everyone is familiar with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but what’s it got to do with decor? The story gives children a sense of size through the papa, mama and baby bear model. In design, size is paramount. Not only does everything need to fit well together and in one space, size also helps decide what matters and what doesn’t. 

The moral of the story in this case is to prioritize big things first in terms of size or importance. Avoid getting so caught up in the details that you don’t see the forest for the trees. 

4. Be Deliberate

Broadly speaking, design projects tend to fail for two main reasons. Often, people are so afraid of making mistakes that they instead do nothing at all. What begins as an opportunity for expression or mood ends up with a waiting room vibe.

The other outcome is a mishmash of a million different things. There’s no single identifiable thread of commonality throughout the entire space. In either case, the missing target is always deliberate design. Know who you are, know what you’re about and go full steam ahead. Design is meant to make you happy, so don’t hesitate to do exactly what you want.

5. Strike a Balance

Last but not least, designing your house is like walking a fun and spontaneous kind of path. Spaces should let you move freely while serving a purpose. The colors should be engaging but not overwhelming. Your theme should be thoughtful but not garish. Although this concept is hard to define, know that interiors should make you feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Home renovations and interior design may intimidate you but there’s no reason to fear. Interior design relies on a few core concepts no matter your specific style. Now it’s time to go see what you can do! 

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