About BIC Construction

It’s funny how life takes twists and turns, I actually wanted to build furniture. I was drawn in by the beautiful timbers and the high level of detail involved in cabinetmaking, never believing I would find that level of detail building houses.

After deciding on carpentry, I discovered that on an architectural build there was not only challenging detail, but the opportunity to create something beautiful on a grand scale.

I like poring over architect’s plans, visualising every detail of how we’re going to put a build together. I like working with the architect, taking something they’ve expertly designed and working collaboratively with them to ensure that construction techniques can meet their vision.

I love forming solid relationships with all that are involved in a project, that’s a big part of the job for me. Working with my team, working with the client and the architect so everyone is continually assured and happy.

And best of all?

Finishing a project and being able to stand back and say “Wow, we built that. And it’s stunning.”

It might be challenging, but it’s just so rewarding to take someone’s dream from paper to reality, to build something you’re proud of and have people turn around and say “We love what you’ve done.”

I’m fuelled by an endless desire to shoot for perfection. Our builds are consistently produced to the highest standard, with an emphasis on collaboration and detail. This approach has created opportunities to work with some amazing talented architects, many of which we have been lucky enough to do a number of projects with. Architects who appreciate my professional tender response time, my extensive and in depth project programs, our professionalism and the fact that we will deliver a project on time.

We have the experience to tackle high-end challenging builds. The kind where the architect’s imagination and the builder’s perfectionism is front and centre. I’m still amazed by the creativity architects bring to their clients and I get a real kick out of adding my logical and methodical processes to a project.

So that’s what I want to keep doing – building architectural homes.

The kind of home that makes everyone – clients, architects and the guy walking his dog down the street – turn around and say “What an awesome house.”

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Brad Chapman


My first love is my family followed closely by my company. While both can be challenging and tiring, the joy and reward that comes from a child that scored their first goal or a project which has exceeded expectations is strangely similar. This may seem a little odd comparing your family with your company but I guess you could say that BIC Construction is a third child to myself and my wife Mikala.

The journey began when I entered the construction industry in 2000, obtaining my carpentry licence 4 years later. As a subcontract carpenter, I gained experience working on high end residential projects while furthering my education completing the certificate IV in construction management. In 2013 we welcomed a daughter, it was this defining change that pushed my desire to start my own business.

We have worked hard, growing from building small residential projects into the amazing architectural construction company that it is today.

I will continue to push towards growing and expanding the company, and will continually strive to improve and educate myself to ensure that BIC represents my dream.

A dream of creating a successful innovative building company that produces exceptional projects in a manner that our clients are beyond happy with.

Our Team

Justin, Site Foreman

Justin thrives on challenges, he is a meticulous carpenter who believes that details matter, nothing less than perfection… Read More

Scott, Leading Carpenter

Scott has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, originally from the UK he has lived in… Read More

Robin, Site Foreman

Originating from Scotland Robin gained experience in a trade known for its detailed craftsmanship, building wooden boats. He… Read More

Jesse, Site Foreman

Jesse has a passion for the job and the team. A die hard rabbitoh’s supporter and a father… Read More

Ben, Apprentice

While new to the game Ben has shown a natural aptitude to understanding construction , he has enthusiasm… Read More

Reiss, Site Assistant/Videographer

Reiss is our resident all-rounder. He offers help wherever its needed and is consistently called between different projects… Read More

Our Values


Building a home is one of the biggest endeavours a person can tackle, both emotionally…...



Great outcomes begin with effective collaboration. A clear flow of communication between the client, builder…...



We don’t see anything as being impossible; we simply see opportunities to innovate. Sometimes this…...