Architectural Builder

At BIC Construction we understand that our job is to turn your vision into solid form, to create a building that is true to the design and built to the highest standard from the foundations to the finished product.

The Tender Process

This might be with just the client or both the Architect and the client. We will discuss the project design, site access, budget, wish-list and our procedures. This meeting is an essential part of our process, it is key to providing insight into whether the chemistry between all parties concerned is compatible. The construction process is a huge undertaking for everyone involved, it is vital that our values are aligned to ensure a smooth build process.
No two sites are the same, so it’s critical for us to visit the site in person and get a feel for the lay of the land. If the site has difficult or unusual access a second visit may be in order, perhaps with our demolition team, to ensure that we have a good understanding of the site’s possible challenges.
This meeting gives us the chance to sit down with the architect and the client to discuss any concerns, and to provide answers to any questions that have cropped up. We have found one of the most common hurdles for an architect is how to deliver your design vision within your client’s budget. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on cost-effective build solutions and construction techniques for the available budget. We will also give a rundown on how BIC Construction operates and what our processes are.
We will supply a comprehensive break down of all the build costs so that no guesswork is required. We’re all about transparency, having a clear breakdown makes contract administration so much easier using the standard ABIC construction contracts (and most other standard contracts on the market). We will also suggest a preferred start time and our estimate for the project duration.
After the tender submission we’ll get together with the architect and the client to run through the tender and answer any questions. We love working collaboratively with our architects through a contract administration build process, but if that’s not possible, we can also take the reins and work in direct partnership with the client.

The Construction Process

Card image cap Communication

We really can’t overstate how highly we rate good communication. It’s just so important for a smooth-running build. Although having a comprehensive set of drawings is essential, design or construction complications do pop up and the easiest way to deal with these is with open and consistent communication. We’ll keep you in the loop and we welcome your questions from start to finish.

Card image cap A project program

Before we get started on the build we’ll put together a thorough project program which clearly shows the project’s key milestones and all the steps in-between. The program allows everyone to see what stage the build is at, what happens next and most importantly what decisions are required and when you’ll need to make them.

Card image cap A project foreman

With the support of a project manager who takes care of administration and scheduling, all of our large projects have a dedicated foreman who is responsible for the build from the very beginning right through to handover.

Card image cap Fortnightly meetings

We like to have regular onsite meetings throughout the construction phase. It’s an opportunity for the clients to see the progress of the build, ask questions and to enjoy the experience of watching their home come to life. We suggest meetings every two weeks.

Card image cap Reliable Trades

We only use highly skilled, qualified and professional trades. Our key contractors are regular long-term associates who understand and uphold BIC standards and values.

Card image cap Your home is our home

We will treat your home like our own – we’ll keep it clean, tidy and safe. Every worksite is tidied daily and the entire project area will be thoroughly cleaned weekly.


The photo package.

At handover you will recieve a comprehensive photo pack with detailed construction images showing items such as services within walls, floors and ceilings so you and or the client knows exactly where to find everything if there are future upgrades carried out on the home.

The product schedule.

Along with the photos, we’ll also provide a final finishes and products schedule.

This lists the name and supplier of products used, from paint choices, tile and grout selections, through to fittings and fixtures, such as floorboards and light fittings. It’s a fantastic reference to help owners with any future work that may be carried out in the home.



Core Values

At the heart of BIC Construction are our core values that we consider the touchstones of our successful building business.

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  • We don’t see anything as being impossible; we simply see opportunities to innovate. Sometimes this means thinking outside the square, perhaps using unique materials or fresh methods to create inspiring outcomes.
  • We believe quality is a mindset and that the best outcomes are the result of a quality approach.
  • We take care of the basics – we appreciate the importance of reliability, punctuality, personal presentation and communicating in a professional manner.
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  • Our aim is to form solid long-lasting relationships with great architects, to work professionally and cohesively alongside each other, and for all parties to enjoy the journey of creating a remarkable home.
  • Great outcomes begin with effective collaboration. A clear flow of communication between the client, home builder and architect is key to great results in all areas of the build process. Given we’ll be your “man on the ground”, we’ll make sure our communication is crystal clear and consistent.
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  • Building a home is one of the biggest endeavours a person can tackle, both emotionally and financially. It’s vital that all parties involved feel secure with their chosen home builder. We believe in working together in an open and honest manner so that all parties feel informed and confident throughout the build process

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There really is no greater outcome than for you to love not just our work, but our approach to creating great relationships and great homes. If you would like to find out more please fill in our enquiries form on the contact us page and we will get back to you.