First and Second Storey Additions

In residential construction the word addition means to go up and not out like an extension does. Going up means you will give your home more living space, without giving up any of your yard. In other words, when you have an addition done to your home you will gain another floor level, adding height rather than length.

The design for your addition should ideally be driven by your budget, in turn this should give you a good guide of the overall project cost. In our experience a quality architectural build will likely fall between $3000-$5000 thousand per square meter depending on the construction type, and level of finishes.

When thinking about duration, there are a number of factors that influence construction time frames such as the level of detail in the design, how thorough the documentation is and of course the size of the project, although a general feel on an addition falls between 3-6 months.

Some factors to consider when thinking about a first and second storey addition are council approvals. Does your land size, street, or area allow additions and what are your councils’ requirements?

By obtaining a set of detailed plans this not only allows for a solid cost proposal for yourself, but it also enables the project design to be laid out and clear showing exactly what is being built.

Neighbours can be a hurdle when it comes to additions, particularly if it means that you may block their water view or become an intrusive neighbour spying down on them, by having detailed clear plans it will likely ease the concerns of a worrying neighbour and will allow for a faster and seamless council application.

Another benefit of a well thought out design is that it will ensure the addition is seamless and flowing, blending with the existing structure ideally without compromising on privacy and the natural surrounds, creating not only an attractive addition but also a functional area in the home.

A significant benefit of adding a first or second story addition is that by adding space means adding value. Block sizes tend to be getting smaller, so the option of creating a larger home while keeping your green space is vastly appealing.

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