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9 September, 2019 | Mikala Chapman

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Bic Construction (Brad Chapman) is our builder for our knockdown and rebuild project in Chatswood. The house is designed by Danny Broe Architect and Brad is appointed the builder via a competitive tender. The project is completed on time and on budget. The project has progressed smoothly and steadily throughout the build, a testament to the detailed architectural design and specifications by Danny, good team work between the builder and the architect, and excellent project management by the builder. For a project of this size, it is no surprise that there are a few cost variations. In the scheme of things the variations are relatively small and well managed.

I find Brad is acting honestly, trustworthy and helpful. Brad is a good communicator and has a strong attention to details. In our many site meetings, Brad demonstrates a strong grasp of the technical details and the project progress, and make many suggestions on what and where to make improvements. Brad has a good team of tradesman who are skilled in their trade. We find some of the works to be of craft quality. We love the brick work, the internal joinery and the frieze work. The roof look amazing thanks to the Drone. We have received excellent comments from our neighbours on our foreman (Jesse) and his team, who turn up early each morning, working hard rain hail or shine. Jesse and his team is a professional bunch who take pride in their work.

I like to thank Brad and his team for the great work. Our family is loving our house and find pleasure and joy living in a building which is well designed, well built and meet our everyday needs.

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