What is a finishes schedule?

15 March, 2023 | Mikala Chapman

What is a finishes schedule?

When building or renovating a home you will require a document package.  

The document package may include information such as floorplan layouts, a detailed drawing package, elevations, structural engineering, electrical and plumbing plans, and a finishes schedule.

So, what is a finishes schedule and do you need one?

A finishes schedule is important when renovating or building a home because it outlines the specific materials and finishes that will be used in the project and includes details such as which room or location they will go. 

The finishes schedule is a critical part of a document package and is usually created by an architect or designer to communicate important information to the builder and other contractors involved in the project. 

What does a finishes schedule include?

Item location within the home, Product name, Colour, Finish, Size, Additional Comments & Supplier

The finishes schedule includes design and finishes choices such as: 

Flooring, wall finishes including coverings & trims, paint colours, fixtures & fittings, hardware, appliances, door and window styles, joinery, benchtop finishes and other decorative elements that will be used in the project. 

A schedule will also include information on the quality and standards of the materials, and technical specifications for items such as appliances, and plumbing and lighting fixtures. 

The more details included in the finishes schedule the better. 

Without a finishes schedule, there may be confusion or misunderstandings about the materials and finishes that are to be used in the project. This could lead to time delays, inaccurate quotes, additional costs, inefficiency and potentially missed details. 

Having a clear and detailed finishes schedule helps to prevent these issues and ensures that everyone involved in the project is on the same page.

A finishes schedule is a vital tool to ensure your design brief has been achieved. Once the build is complete it is an invaluable source for maintaining and doing repairs on your home as it includes information such as paint choices, tile selections details of suppliers, product codes etc. 

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